Well TunedIn!
24th November 2013
Thanks again to all at TunedIn! we had a great day meeting everyone and with some great banter as a bonus !
See you at Easter !!!

Marske Library Exhibition Extended !
15th November 2013
The Marske Library exhibition has been extended until the end of December, so try and get yourself along and perhaps get that present for someone that will enjoy a great image to bring memories flooding back each time it is viewed!

Trevor and Cass also have their work on sale in Redcar's Tourist Information Centre on the high street (Details in the 'Exhibitions and Events' section).
Having an iconic image of your local area hanging with pride on a wall for all to admire, whether it is for yourself or a gift for someone that you care for will brighten any room in the house or office for many years to come . So what are you waiting for ?
Forget the throw-away gift and buy something that will add value to your life or to those you love .. an Image of North Yorkshire !!!
A Great Bazaar Day !
10th November 2013
Thanks to Elaine and everyone at Redcar United Reformed Church that made yesterdays 'Bazaar' event very enjoyable !
The event raised £861.00, a fantastic effort.
It was also great to see familiar faces like Reverend Catey Morrison, her husband John and family.
Also a big thanks to Keith, who got me home in the pouring rain ! .. Cheers Keith !
Look forward to seeing you all next year !!!

Bazaar !
30th October 2013
The Nearly Christmas Bazaar ! event is having it's second year at the Redcar Reformed Church on Redcar's Station Road on Saturday 9th November, details can be found in the Exhibitions and Events page, as well as information on the TunedIn! event happening later that month... So what are you waiting for, have a Bazaar Time and get TunedIn! for Christmas !!!

Marske Library Exhibition Dates Announced !
29th September 2013
The Exhibition at Marske Library is to start tomorrow !
Opening times and all other information can be found in our 'Exhibitions and Events' section.
Cass goes back to the beginning ..
25th September 2013
Seven years ago Full Spectrum's Cass moved to Marske-by-the-Sea from London and while finding his feet in the area he came across Marske Library, a wonderful place for the community to come together and was delighted that they would be willing to showcase some of his Images. Now throughout October and November of 2013, Cass will be exhibiting his unique style of Images once again at the place where it all began in this landscape rich area in which he now calls home.
More details of opening hours and such will be posted in our 'Exhibitions and Events' section shortly, we hope that you can come along and enjoy the Images of a truly wonderful place.

The Vibrant Colours of 'Full Spectrum Images'
20th September 2013
We have hit the post !
'Full Spectrum Images' has once again delivered ... To The Hartlepool Mail !
The Mail has done us proud with a great spread !

Window Display a Great Success !
13th September 2013
Cass's window display at The Tourist Information Centre, that comes to an end at 1pm today, has been a great success with the public who have enjoyed his subtle nautical display of the regions ever changing scenery. From his Ayton Banks, Sunset Roseberry Topping Image 'Odin's Fire' ... To the calm shores of a summers day on Redcar's fantastic beach in the Image 'Silver Stroll' .... You can't go wrong with landscapes like these.
If you get the chance to come and see the display this morning, Cass will be there from about 10:30-1pm, otherwise pop inside at your leisure, where most of the Images will be displayed on the 'Full Spectrum Images' wall.
Cass is found most Saturday mornings at Redcar Tourist Information Centre and will be happy to have a chat .. See you there !

Special Thanks go to Craig, Ellie and Jenny for all of their hard work and for doing a wonderful job at Redcar's Tourist Information Centre.
Always appreciated,
Thanks from Cass and Trevor.
The Full Spectrum Images 2014 Desktop Calendar on sale now !
01st September 2013
Apart from purchasing your 'Full Spectrum Images' 2014 Desktop Calendar from The Palace Hub Gallery, Redcar and The Tourist Information Centre in Redcar, you can also order yours from our shop, here on-line at your convenience !

The Hartlepool 2014 Calendar will soon be in the Hartlepool Gallery and in our shop for sale shortly.
The Mail has arrived !
19th August 2013
Yes that's right, the Mail has arrived and Trevor's in it !
Check out the latest edition of The Hartlepool Mail with some stunning shots from our own Trevor Camp !

That Time of Year Again People !
15th August 2013
Yes that's right, It's that time of year when you have gnawing away in the back of your mind that feeling that Christmas will sneak up on you and you haven't sent your loved ones abroad that Full Spectrum Desktop Images Calendar ... Plenty of time I hear you say and then before you know it the cob webs have blown off everything and the white stuff is falling !
Never fear Full Spectrum Images is Here !!!
The 'Full Spectrum Images' Desktop Calendar is on sale now at Redcar's Tourist Information Centre and from tomorrow The Palace Hub Gallery on Redcar's fantastic new sea front.
The 'Full Spectrum Images' Hartlepool Desktop Calendar will be on sale soon at The Art Gallery in Church Square, watch this space !
So get that niggle out of your mind and get yours soon.
Full Spectrum Images Rocks in Redcar !
16th July 2013
Come and see Cass and Trevor at the Redcar Rocks event at the TunedIn ! building on Redcar's thriving new sea front. Apart from 'Full Spectrum Images' there will be loads of stalls for you to look at and comedy acts (Usually provided by Cass and Trevor !) and Music too.
See web site for details for the whole event, Cass and Trevor will be there from 11am - 5pm Saturday 20th July, see you there !
Cass and Trevor at the Palace !!!!!!
14th July 2013
Come and see all of the Full Spectrum Images Staff in one place !!!! .. Yes that's right, you can come and meet Cass and Trevor at Redcar's Palace Hub Gallery on Wednesday 17th July between 10am and 2pm as they steward the gallery. Trevor will soon have some of his Images on display at the Hub alongside Cass as well as all of the other fantastic local artist !
look forward to seeing you there !

The Palace Hub Gallery
The Esplanade
Last chance to see ..
04th July 2013
Today, Friday and Saturday are your last chance to visit St Mark's Church, Marske-by-the-Sea and their wonderful photographic exhibition, so get yourself along and support the local community !

Support your local community
01st July 2013
Cass will be exhibiting two pieces of work 'Golden Harvest' and 'Seat with a View' in St Mark's Church, Marske-by-the-Sea as part of an exhibition celebrating the areas natural beauty in the eyes of it's local photographers, be it professional or enthusiastic amateur. The exhibition will run from Tuesday 2nd July until the morning of Saturday 6th July, so we hope you can get down there and see the wonderful images that will be on display.

St Mark's Church
Redcar Road
North Yorkshire
TS11 6AA
Armed Forces Day - Redcar
29th June 2013
Full Spectrum Images had a wonderful morning at the Armed Forces day in Redcar.
Cass was made to feel at home with his very own Routemaster bus !
Sir Winston Churchill gave his legendary 'V' for Victory sign at Redcar's now famous Beacon and Redcar's Mayor Vic Jeffries paid a visit to the Tourist Information Centre and posed in front of Cass's Images.

Smashing Window !
21st June 2013
Trevor's Images are now on display at Redcar's Tourist Information Centre for the next two weeks, so we hope that you can get yourself down there and enjoy a spectacular colour display!

TC at the TIC !
18th June 2013
Trevor will be displaying some of his work in the window of The Tourist Information Centre Redcar, for two weeks starting from 2pm this Friday.
So get yourself down there and get yourself some great Images to make your walls come alive !
Meanwhile ... here's a sneak preview of what Trevor has grown in his garden so far !!!!

'Full Spectrum Images' without a view ..
11th June 2013
A sad day indeed, but 'Full Spectrum Images' are no longer exhibiting in 'Pier View' at Saltburn, John has decided to change the format of the building and will no longer have artist exhibiting there.
If we have any other news regarding 'Pier View', then we will inform you of the situation.
We would like to say a big thanks to John and all of his hard work on bringing together a wonderful gallery and hope we can team up with him in the future.
Thanks John !
Scintillating !
03rd June 2013
Cass's image of the 'Sinterlation' sculpture on Redcar seafront as published in today's Evening Gazette .. Very nice !