I 'Like ' It !!

13th January 2014
So you have visited the site and hopefully enjoyed the Images, you've read the news, looked at 'Events and Exhibitions' and the 'About' sections and maybe even popped into the 'Shop' ... But for a more relaxed version of us, have you visited and 'Liked' our Facebook page ?
You will find a selection of Images that won't be found on the official site and you can even join in and make comments on Images or comment on our Blogs from time to time, we don't want to bore you by putting a daily Blog on our page telling you what we had for breakfast (Egg on Toast by the way) or what we were watching on TV (Breakfast News), so pop onto our Facebook page when you can and catch up with what we are up to or discussing.

Look forward to seeing you at


Cass and Trevor